Small business drives the American economy. Our state should be a leader in delivering workforce services to Idaho businesses. Government should provide the connections and remove the roadblocks for business, education and the workforce to thrive.

With Idaho being the fastest growing state in the nation per capita, we should focus on enabling our workforce through more technical training and apprenticeships and linking development from cradle to career. We also need to increase broadband access and affordable housing.


We need accountability and detailed reporting of performance. We should focus on increasing student performance and the number of post-secondary degree holders and technical and vocational program graduates in our State. 

Schools and universities need to change the education delivery system so that students graduate with credentials that are portable and stackable in the 21st Century economy. 


We should focus on addressing skyrocketing premiums and advance policies that reward good health behavior, increase access to primary care, and lower the cost of healthcare for all Idahoans by reducing the insurance risk.

In the near term, we must continue to address the shortage of physicians and psychiatrists in Idaho.


Clean air and water are some of Idaho's most precious gifts. We need to protect our resources that provide healthy living. A clean environment also attracts visitors and great talent to this State which contributes to a healthy economy. Water is critical for Idaho agriculture and future growth and we need to continue measures to protect our water and conserve use of power.

Prudent management of our resources issues will be necessary if we expect to have ample irrigation water, navigable streams for recreation and fishing, and clean culinary water as Idaho continues to grow and attract new residents to our state.


We should look for ways that government can use technology to deliver services more efficiently and economically. Government should also adopt policies that provide more seamless interactions between users, businesses and government agencies. 

Idaho should embrace the new "sharing economy" and adopt policies that favor growth of peer-to-peer based access to goods and services.

family values

Strong families are necessary to continue the American Dream. Idaho needs stable homes and involved parents. We should should focus economic and social policy decisions on supporting families and teaching values that promote stability and self-reliance. Institutions that support families like civil society groups and churches should be supported.

As Idaho’s population continues to increase, we need to invest in our infrastructure to keep up with the growth and to support the health, safety and lifestyle of our Idaho families. We need to fix our structurally deficient roads and bridges and invest in projects now that help eliminate deficit spending on deferred maintenance. Investing in infrastructure includes access to broadband and fiber-optic service for more Idahoans.

One way to boost our investments in infrastructure is to allocate a portion of the anticipated new internet sales tax receipts to our infrastructure projects as a result of the South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court decision.